Live at the Ville in historic Streetsville

Nestled against the Credit River and Mississauga Road surrounded by suburban developments, Streetsville is a breath of fresh air in the city. With so much to see and do, you'll find yourself never having to leave Mississauga Road for any of your needs. You'll find dining, shopping, entertainment, and everyday amenities all within steps of each other, and all just outside your door. With so much food, fun, and covenience located so close, you'll be hard pressed to want to leave.

A natural splendour

Just steps from Queen Street, there are miles of winding paths that will take you up and down the majestic Credit River. Enjoy a weekend bike ride down to sprawling Erindale Park, or discover manyh of the small parks that can be found along these winding paths. Reel with some fishing, or experience some excitement kayaking down the river.

Streetsville - the village in the city

Originally built as a mill town along the Credit River, Streetsville has retained
this original small town charm through its preservation of historical buildings. By smartly integrating modern shops and these historical buildings, such as the bar Franklin House, with the original building dating to 1850, the town has been able to evolve with its people, but still hold on to what makes it a special place.

Pamper yourself at one of the many spas that pepper Queen and Main Street. Take a food tour of the town with a wide array of different types of restaurants, from classic Italian wood oven pizza to the fine dining that you would expect of a downtown restaurant. With so many choices for you to enjoy, your appetite will never want for variety and good food.

Urban elegance meets timeless style

With an impeccably designed exterior and a spectacular interior to match, The Ville is a world apart from the rest. With a modern design built using traditional materials, The Ville embodies the surrounding Streetsville area by mixing traditional and new and creating something that is special, unique, and waiting for you to make your own.

Live in Style with contemporary designs

Entertain and impress your guests by spending time in the spacious living area that compliments a kitchen contemporary in design. Relax and enjoy the spectacular views from your patio or balcony, taking in all that nature has to offer.